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The Mineplex Competitive League (MCL) features three individual leagues that are comprised of three iconic and popular team games on Mineplex. The MCL includes: The Champions Competitive League (CCL), The Mine-Strike Competitive League (MSCL), and The Bridges Competitive League (BCL).

Each of the leagues within the MCL is made up of multiple tiers to make sure teams are playing opponents of the same skill level. When you start off, you will be placed at the lowest tier, with other teams. With each competitive victory, you will climb up the ladder until you reach the top. At the end of the season, the number one team is crowned the victor.


Nombre Juego Tipo Participantes Creado en Progreso
MS Open 2017 - Playoffs Minecraft SE 8 09-05-17
MS Open 2017 - Swiss Stage Minecraft Sw 16 08-22-17
Limitless Champions Tournament Minecraft SE 8 08-20-17
MS Open 2017 - Single Elimination Stage Minecraft SE 64 08-07-17
Battle of The Bridges Minecraft Groups → SE 48 01-25-17